An Introduction Of Food Paradise Enterprise

Our Story

The Founders of Food Paradise Enterprise Pte Ltd (FPE) have more than a decade of experience in the F&B industry. Under the Umbrella of FPE, there are different brands & concepts and they are known to be “Food Paradise Enterprise Group”.

Since the day of its incorporation, Food Paradise has never stop growing and even opened up a catering division where menus are curated to suit the local palate.

We believe in harnessing innovation and technology as they are the fundamental requirements that support the growth of Food Paradise Enterprise.

The objective of Food Paradise Enterprise is simple and that is “strives to deliver dining options” so as to shape our F&B scene; Bearing in mind, it has to be at affordable cost for all walks of life.

The team at Food Paradise Enterprise never stops and is constantly looking into future operations, expansion and development to make a strong presence locally and overseas in years to come.

Our Business Model

The important aspect of our business model is defining our group of F&B entities through awareness of our customer base, creating customer satisfaction, encouraging and developing customer loyalty, customer comment, feedback, implementing effective promotion and marketing activities, consistent training, implementation of professional practices and procedures.

Manpower-Lean Business Model – Our restaurant implements self-service kiosks and soon the “Order & P.A.T” system would be in place; eliminate waiting time, increase productivity and cost saving.

We place great emphasis on building and maintaining sincere relationships with owners, tenants and occupants.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a professional and ethical organization with the statutory boards (e.g. HDB, NParks, schools, polytechnics, tertiary institutions, MUIS and etc).


Endeavors to offer new dining experience at great value without compromising quality thus it could be enjoyed by all walks of life.



Establish a strong F&B presence in both local and overseas, where our brands are regarded as reliable while enhancing the quality of life.

Our Core Values



Transparency and no short-cut.


ACommitment is our choice and deliver our promises to customers.

Embrace Changes

To help us grow and evolve.


Being responsible and work towards our Mission.

Our Success

For nearly a decade of our operations, we leveraged on our core values to deliver a myriad of quality dining options and to shape our local F&B scene.

Food Paradise Enterprise group has been expanding; we will never sit back and rest on its laurels. We will continue to innovate and create new dining concepts.

Conception, innovation, vibrant and dynamic teams are at the intermediary of who we are.

Harnessing innovation and technology are the fundamental requirements that support our F&B entities; helping us to meet market trends and the changing demands of our customers making us sustainable and successful.

Integrity · Sincerity · Embrace Changes · Accountability

For nearly a decade of our operations, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver a myriad of quality dining options shaping our local F&B scene.